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More practice!!!

  • 2009-09-13 (Sun) 8:35
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Good day to all blog viewers! How are you doing there? I hope everything is alright. By the way she is having fun of singing…But more practice don’t you think so? More of facial expression please to project! have a nice day!

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Kirin 09-09-13 (Sun) 10:32

Good morning! Leonor.
I understand most of filipinas are very good at singing.
I need more practice of ukulele playing.

mimi 09-09-19 (Sat) 20:44

Hello. First time to visit your page. I am supprized. Taga Bacolod ka? Ilonga ka? Kabalo ka Hiligaynon?

leonor 09-09-19 (Sat) 23:27

Hi Mimi, sorry for my late response…Yup taga Bacolod guid ko..Pure Ilongga guid. Thank you for viewing my blog. What about you? Ara ka guid sa Japan ga live?

leonor 09-09-19 (Sat) 23:28

Hi Kirin, sorry for my late reply… yeah she was disturbed by her ukulele! Hehehe! Cannot concentrate well. It’s understood! Have a good day!

Home > Hobby > More practice!!!


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