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It’s Canada Day today…


Good day to all blog viewers! How are you doing now? By the way, today is Canada Day…there are celebrations where people are crowded in the downtown area. There is a large cake free for all the public but you have to fall in line if you like to have a piece of cake. Such on the picture I posted. Have a nice day to all!

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fugakuan 09-07-03 (Fri) 12:00

Hi Leonor!
I’m sure you really enjoy your stay there.
It must be so sweet and delicious. But I think the lady on the left had better eat not a lot…
Have a nice day!

Leonor 09-07-04 (Sat) 8:15

Hello fugakuan! Thank you for posting your comment. You are just kidding, don’t you? The lady in red blouse? Hehehhe! She had a good appetite.

Home > Festival > It’s Canada Day today…


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