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The Best Couple Awardee…


Good day to all blog viewers! I hope all of you are doing fine. By the way, Christmas is near to celebrate it. Are you prepared to receive gifts from your Ninong and Ninang(Godfather and Godmother). Such like them they received gift for being the best couple of the year. Don’t you think so? Do they deserve it? I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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hiroaki 08-12-20 (Sat) 23:20

Magandang gabi po, Leonor. I just envy the guy. The girl looks very beautiful and, most of all, she looks like a girl I loved once before. I used to say “Gihigugma ko ikaw” to her.

leonor 08-12-21 (Sun) 20:02

Hello Hiroaki! Thank you for posting your comment. Oh really you envy that boy? I think you are more handsome than him even I don’t see you. Hehehehe! Niawanai futari???

hiroaki 08-12-24 (Wed) 21:40

“niawanai futari” You can never tell about the other couples form their looks and of course you can’t tell if a blog viewer is handsome or not, biba? But still thank you for the complement. I with you a very merry christmas. Maligayan pasko, Leoner!

leonor 08-12-29 (Mon) 18:23

Hello Hiroaki! Sorry for my late reply. You know Ilonggo words na…just a little bit correct… Ginahigugma ko ikaw, the correct na.

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