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myDSL Sportscar of PLDt

  • 2008-10-22 (Wed) 20:31
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Good day to all blog viewers! Nice viewing to our sports car. Only here in PLDT we have. At your service myDSL unlimited connection…Exclusively for myDSL fast connection.

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Ricky 08-10-23 (Thu) 7:16

Hi, Leonor!
I visited myDSL site. It’s cool!!

Kirin 08-10-23 (Thu) 20:30

Oh! This is on Lacson street?
I wanna visit Bacolod again.

Leonor 08-10-23 (Thu) 21:47

Hello Ricky! Well nice patriotizing my company’s service. Thank you again. Have a nice day!

Leonor 08-10-23 (Thu) 21:49

Hello Kirin, yes that’s the way Lacson St. the main road of Bacolod City from North to South. You are very much welcome to visit Bacolod.

Home > Uncategorized > myDSL Sportscar of PLDt


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