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Trio’s Friends…

  • 2008-09-30 (Tue) 23:01
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Good day to all blog viewers! How are you doing today? I hope all of you are doing fine. By the way, do you have a group of trio? In Philippines, there is a superstitious belief that it is not good in a picture consisted of three persons. And the middle person on the picture will die first, they said. Do you believe on this? I hope you are not. Because I don’t believe on this. Have a nice day!

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hiroaki 08-09-30 (Tue) 23:21

Hi, Leonor. Long time no post. What a conisidence! In Japan we used to have the same superstition. But now a days it seems no one believes it. And I don’t believe it either. Sige, ingat ka ha.

Leonor 08-10-01 (Wed) 15:31

Hello Hiroaki, thank you for posting your comment. Yes, what a coincidence same beliefs do we had. But I don’t believe on this. Thanks for the information.

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