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19歳の女子大生がソニーエリクソンのz600というタイプの携帯を使っています。彼女はJBLCF大学の2年生です。誰かが彼女にメッセージを送りました。それはこのようなものです。”May project ta ti diin ta makitaay?”何処で課題をやりますか?です。情報の伝達はすごく早いです。受け取る事により、何処で課題をするか簡単に決める事が出来ます。

19 years old girl using this type of cell phone Sony Erickson z600. A second year college student of JBLCF. Someone text her and the sentence go like this:” May project ta ti diin ta makitaay?”In english, we have a project where we will meet?
Information is delivered very fast…so the receiver know that they will do their project and easy for her to decide where to meet.

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nido 08-06-29 (Sun) 13:31

There is not the fixed telephone in my home.
It is all the members mobile telephone.
Because there is much time when there is nobody why, the fixed telephone is not necessary.

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